Urban Rivals

Developer: Travian Games GmbH

Category: Strategy

Tags: browser games, strategy, card games, collectible card games, Magic the Gathering, MMO, multiplayer


Get the best deck of cards and play against different gangs in the best tournaments. Choose how and which special characters will attack your opponent, because in the end only one will emerge victorious.

Urban Rivals is an amazing online game with great graphics and a colorful design. In this browser game you must collect all the cards possible. The cards feature exotic characters, all with different skills and incredible unique powers.

In Urban Rival tournaments you can test yourself against the best competitors, and deliver exciting battles. Besides having good cards, it is very important to have good battle tactics and choosing how you will attack your opponent, either starting with the most powerful, or saving him for the end. You can also play in free mode against your friends and improve your strategies.

At the beginning of the game you will receive an envelope with eight cards, each with a different character. Once you get your small deck, you'll start fighting different opponents. In the market of Urban Rivals you can find everything you need to improve your deck and you can swap, sell and buy cards with the entire gaming community.

After participating in several battles, you'll be able to develop your character, get amazing new skills, and receive game money to buy more cards.

Discover all the bands available in the world of Urban Rivals. Each band has its logo as well as a characteristic style, in order to differentiate itself. All these bands have different missions for you, what will offer you many hours of entertainment.

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