Developer: Travian Games GmbH

Category: Strategy

Tags: browser games, strategy, old, Travian, MMO, MMORTS, Rome, multiplayer, the


Take command of a nation and lead your people to glory. Choose from the Romans, Gauls, or Teutons and take part in this big adventure.

Travian is one of the top online games where you must make a big decision that will change the course of history. Choose between being part of the Romans, Gauls or Teutons. Depending on the choice you make, your army will have different features, which will be reflected in the game. The Romans, for example, are better on the subject of strategies, while the Teutons have more powerful elements.

You must collect as many of the various resources available in Travian as possible, to be able to create and improve whole cities, as well as armies. As your village grows, the income of the resources will be higher, which will make other players look at you with envy and suspicion. A good army will always be necessary to combat those who try to steal your winnings.

Take advantage of the Hero system and add extra fun to the game. Lead your hero on a fantastic journey through the great map available in Travian. Discover new places and unique items with which you can increase your hero's skills, converting him to an absolute leader, able to take charge of your army.

Interact with many other players around the world. You can add more neighbors to the map and make your community bigger. Compare your achievements with other users and compete with them to see who is best.
Prepare your strongest men and confront the greatest armies in order to win the glory.

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