Shogun's Fate

Developer: Hiddenstation S.L.

Category: Strategy

Tags: browser games, strategy, online games, log, shogun, Shogun's Fate, the, empire


Travel to the mythological age of feudal Japan and compete with many other players in the quest to become Shogun. Build a powerful empire and lead your faction to glory, while fighting with the other groups.

Shogun's Fate is an online game based on the legendary era of feudal Japan. In this game you must demonstrate your strategic skills and compete against players from all around the world, with the sole aim of becoming a powerful Shogun. In Shogun's Fate you will always find a large number of games available to play anytime, and each game has different goals, so you can always enjoy new experiences.

As you begin your adventure in the world of Shogun's Fate you must choose the faction which you will defend along this strategy game. Each of these factions will have unique abilities that make them different from the rest and they will also have different combat units, so you should see which one is more suited to your style, before making your choice. Once you have chosen a faction, you must choose the place where it will be located. The best way to start is by collecting the maximum amount of resources and food, so you can get the items you need in order to begin to construct all kinds of buildings in your city, such as markets, libraries or a Dojo, where you can create your own army.

In Shogun's Fate you will not be alone, and once you look at the map, you will see the large numbers of players, who just like you, are willing to do anything to reach glory. That is why having an army will be very important. With the option to have more than 40 units, you can build a powerful army made of different kinds of warriors, besides being able to modify their skills personally.

Join a clan or form your own and discover the great benefits of playing alongside other players of Shogun's Fate, and the opportunity to fight in unity and make major exchanges and trading networks.

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