My Free Farm

Developer: Upjers

Category: Strategy

Tags: browser games, strategy, simulation, building games, games for kids, my, My Free Farm, the


Become the master of your own farm, planting, cultivating and harvesting the best products and then selling them. Meet the friendly community of animals, which will offer you help you in whatever you need.

Build your farm starting from a small field where you can create your first planting. It will need water in order to achieve the best crop ever. In My Free Farm you can sell any products that the land produces and attract several clients with different demands. That way you will get the money needed to buy from a wide variety of items available in these online games.

Follow the advice of the friendly pig that lives on the farm and who will be guiding you throughout the game, helping you to discover each and every one of the possible ways to create the farm that you want. As you advance in level, you will get more land and gain access to new forms of improvements such as being able to buy a chicken, a cheese factory or building a club house for the farmers. With the latter you can join various playgroups created by users around the world, or you can create your own and perform different tasks alongside other players in exchange for points.

Take a tour of the town and discover all that it offers. Visit the various shops where you can buy new seeds and animals for your farm. You can also use the market in town, where you can buy and sell products with the community of players of My Free Farm.

Show your skills as a farmer and build the farm of your dreams.

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