Developer: Looki Publishing GmbH

Category: Strategy

Tags: browser games, strategy, future, age, arm, mech, MechRage, the, i


Travel to the future and build your own city and your own army of robots, with which you will defend your territory against the enemy invasions.

MechRage is an online game that combines elements of strategy and construction genres, as well as of military combat, all mixed in a futuristic setting. Early in the game you'll have a small base and a main building. From there on you can construct any number of different buildings, which will give a better image to your city and increase its level of development. Once your main building has reached level 5, you will lose the beginnerĀ“s protection, but have access to a variety of buildings to construct in your territory. With the purchase of gold you can upgrade your buildings, and accelerate the construction times.

The factories are the most important buildings in MechRage, as this is where the robots will live, train and receive orders for new exploration missions. The more factories you build the greater amount of warriors, which you can send to several expeditions in search of valuable resources, such as titanium, silicon and gold. You can also send a group of robots to enemy territories to discover what your opponents are planning.

In MechRage you can join a powerful alliance, or create your own and recruit your friends, in order to battle enemies together and split the proceeds.

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