Khan Wars

Developer: XS Software

Category: Strategy

Tags: browser games, strategy, middle ages, world, war, Khan Wars, MMO, multiplayer, the


Many nations are fighting for power in this incredible game based in the middle ages. Test your skills as a strategist and declare war against players from all around the world.

Khan Wars is a free online game, based on the strategy genre that will transport you straight to the middle ages, where diverse nations are fighting for complete control. In this game you take the role of a leader and take charge of one of the twelve different nations that form part of the Khans. Germans, Russians, Mongols, Arabs and Persians, are just some of the nations that fight in search of power. After selecting the nation you want to defend throughout this adventure, you must choose where it will be located on the map.

Resources are the key to the development of your people, so it will be the first thing you have to take care of in your city. By constructing different production buildings, you get gold, food, wood and iron, which will help you to build different buildings and to produce weapons.

You can also delegate responsibilities to gentlemen who are looking to improve their reputation. They can perform different tasks, such as organizing an army for you, direct constructions carried out in your city, or do spy missions and inform you of what your enemies are plotting.

Once you have your army, you can invade other players and steal their resources. Create a clan or join an existing one and fight alongside other players in Khan Wars. You can also declare war on any other group, or sign peace agreements.

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