Jagged Alliance Online

Developer: Cliffhanger Productions Software GmbH

Category: Strategy

Tags: browser games, strategy, RTS, online, Jagged Alliance Online, MMO, the


Take control of a savage group of mercenaries and guide them through bloody battles. Build your own base and confront the different groups that will try to take over control.

Jagged Alliance Online is a role-playing game that combines both tactic and strategy techniques. In this browser game you'll have to recruit and train a group of mercenaries; willing to enter battle, you'll have to guide them in the multiple and dangerous missions that you'll face while playing.

Based on the popular PC series games, Jagged Alliance, in this game you'll have to train and manage your divisions properly if you want to win victories; and equip your troops with the best possible weapons. At the beginning you'll have a limited quantity of objects, but as you advance you'll gain access to better equipment and weaponry for your soldiers. In Jagged Alliance Online each mercenary has his own array of technical abilities that make them different from one another, so it's of vital importance to train them properly in order to enhance their special abilities.

Jagged Alliance Online counts with three different and spectacular game modes. The first one is tactical map, where you'll have to lead your mercenaries in savage real-time battles. In the second mode, the management level, you'll be able to create and manage your own barrack, where you will send orders from and control all that's going on. The third mode is the social one, where you'll be able to interact with thousands of players and design powerful alliances in which you'll swap items, lend troops and set up campaigns.

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