Imperia Online

Developer: Imperia Online Ltd

Category: Strategy

Tags: MMO, RTS, free to play, imperia online,


Expand your empire in Imperia Online! If you ever wanted to become the emperor of a powerful nation, command your own army and conquest the world, then Imperia Online is the game you have been waiting for.

Imperia Online’s world is permanent and is filled with players from all around the world. Definitely it’s an epic global fight. You have the chance to feel like Charles the Great, Julius Caesar or Attila, the style you choose is completely up to you. Do you like to keep things calm, use diplomatic approach, create alliances and build up a prosperous civilization? Or do you prefer the path of war, creating bigger and bigger army and conquering your enemies? The choice is yours.

Imperia Online has been a best friend to many strategy game lovers for over 10 years. The millions of RTS players from all over the world have created one of the most active communities. The game combines the best European board game with the current technology. You can play Imperia Online in any browser!

A dynamic world that constantly changes based on players’ actions and choices makes up for a virtual world very close to reality. You will feel how the community and your actions change the in-game world. So prepare your sword and armor, and go out there to command your troops. As a governor of your nation and the commander of your troops, it is in your hands to create the most powerful nation in Imperia Online! Are you willing to accept such a challenge?

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