Cultures Online

Developer: FUNATICS Software

Category: Strategy

Tags: browser games, strategy, old, online, MMO, Free-to-play, the, empire, king


On a small island close to Iceland, there is a community of Vikings in search of someone who can take charge of their people and turn their village into a great empire that spreads to distant regions.

Cultures Online is a free online game where you will be part of a Viking village that needs someone to assume the leadership. As the leader, your duty will be to take charge of all the activities that occur in the village and to look for ways in which it can develop and expand into new horizons. Thus, some of your tasks will be to organize search expeditions to new lands and to build a strong army to protect the security of people.

There are 3 types of fighters in Cultures Online. The warriors are experts in managing shields and one-handed weapons and they are very strong in the battlefield. The berserkers are beings of great physical strength, so they can fight with two weapons at once, in addition to being very efficient doing heavy work. Finally there are the archers, who with great intelligence and skill, will be very helpful at distant attacks, as well as at research.

Each time you make a trip expedition you receive experience points and several valuable rewards. Either way, you can always improve your training experience in the barracks that are available to build. Each character can improve his attributes in different ways, either with the received attribute points when he changes level, or through work, like the production of raw materials.

Join other Cultures Online players around the world and make a tribe, that can have its own island.

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