Goodgame Big Farm

Developer: Goodgame Studios

Category: Strategy

Tags: browser games, simulation, farm, games for kids, go, Goodgame Big Farm, h, the


Become a farmer and prepare your land for the best crops that have ever been seen. Besides cultivating and caring for animals, this is also your chance to become a successful entrepreneur.

In the online game Goodgame Big Farm you will be the owner of your own farm. Your job in this simulation game will be to take care of everything that happens on your wide land, and to help you while getting started, you will receive the help of beautiful Tessa, who will guide you through your first steps. The best way to start is to prepare parches of land for cultivation and build homes for workers. You will have all kinds of plants and vegetables available to grow. Once your crops are ready, you can sell them and increase your income, in order to expand your farm and buy better houses, or a large store, a chicken coop and decorative objects, like a fountain or a small duck pond.

Once you have animals on your farm, you must take care of them and feed them. It will obviously be much easier if you produce your own food, and with the help of a mill you can transform some plants to delicious dishes for your animals. Having animals on your farm will produce large amounts of natural fertilizer, which you can use on your crops so that your plants will grow much healthier. As your farm gets bigger, you'll have to hire assistants and the game will get more difficult. Don´t neglect your budget and make sure that your income is always enough to pay the salary of your employees.

To make the job much easier, you can always team up with different Goodgame Big Farm farmers and make powerful alliances that will give you great advantages in the game. If you like competition, you can also challenge other players and see who gets the highest number of crops in a limited time.

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