Age of Empires Online

Developer: Microsoft

Category: Strategy

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The fate of an empire depends entirely on you. Take charge of the economy of your people, build amazing buildings and palaces, and team up or face other players around the world.

Age of Empires Online is an online game where you'll be in command of a whole civilization, which you can develop as much as you desire. You will have the full control of everything that happens in the city, and you can build a great economic system that will improve the development of your empire.

The first thing you have to do in Age of Empires Online will be construction, and for that purpose there is a large number of buildings available to begin raising your city. Research centers, palaces, military bases and churches, are just some of all the buildings you can construct. Each of these buildings will provide great benefits to your city, and cause different effects on your community. Explore the extensive map and collect as many resources as possible, in order to get what you need to construct new buildings or to form your own army.

With the construction of barracks you can start forming your own army, which will be responsible for protecting the city from any threat. Build big towers to protect your empire and to detect your enemies from far away. Produce many potential weapons such as swords, spears or bows, so that your army will have more chances to be victorious on the battlefield.

Age of Empires Online is one of the biggest online games, so you will find a lot of players to interact with and to form powerful alliances. An ally is very important in this strategy game, because it allows you to exchange materials with different players. You can also confront other users and test their skills as strategists to find out who is best.

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