Affected Zone Tactics

Developer: Light Vision Interactive

Category: Strategy

Tags: AZT, affected zone tactics, war games, MMO game, PVP game, free online games, strategy games, team games, free to play


Fight in this team-based, Free-To-Play Tactical PVP Online game. Affected Zone Tactics, the free-to-play MMO War game you were waiting for

Affected Zone Tactics is the new free-to-play PvP MMO game, in which you will participate in amazing, turn-based tactical battles. In this strategy game, you’ll take the role of a Commander of a small mercenary group that embarked on a journey into a mysterious parallel world in search of ressources. You will have to prove your mettle and your strategic talent to defeat the other players. Participate in exciting PvP battles with the goal of capturing the enemy’s flag. Fight back to back with your Friends, try out the different playing styles, the several mercenary classes and enjoy the tactical battle system.

In this free-to-play war game, you’ll engage other players with the goal of capturing their flag to win. Two teams, Alpha and Bravo, will play out a turn-based battle with bloody results. Take advantage of the strategic battlefield Affected Zone Tactics offers and conquer different areas thanks to your mercenaries’ help. Create and plan your own strategies using the world map.

Don’t miss out on it and check out everything Affected Zone Tactics offers you!

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