Striker Superstars

Developer: Cybersports Limited

Category: Sports

Tags: browser games, football, sports games, i, x


If you are a football fan and you do not miss a single game, this is your great opportunity to experience it from firsthand and start creating your own career.

Striker Superstars is a game created by the English developer CyberSports. This sports game has been designed for those who love football, but also for those who enjoy dealing with players around the world, as teams of Striker Superstars are formed by real people from all around the world.

Create your own player and enjoy the most entertainment game,s where you may face up to 10 players with each other. In these 5 on 5 matches you must choose the position where you will play on the field. Once inside the pitch, you will have to prove your skills to play as a team, as well as your talent with the ball in order to help your team to get the win.

In Striker Superstars there are four different game modes. The first one is the Tutorial mode, where you will learn the different functions of this game online, and give passes, shot at goal and steal the ball. The game works with the use of the keyboard as well as the mouse. Whenever you want to keep practicing you will be able to do it thanks to the Practice Matches. There you can compete against other computer-controlled players in games without reward. Once you've learned the basics of the game, you will be ready for the real action. Put your skills to the test in the Quick Match, games of 10 minutes with real players in which you can earn coins. There's also Cash Matches, games in which you will compete for the monthly prize, as well as bet money.

With the money you get for winning games you may buy new items for your player, new shoes, shirts, energy drinks or types of hair among many other things. Of course, with this money you can also increase the performance of your character, his ability to shoot and make passes ...

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