Shot Online

Developer: OnNet Europe GmbH

Category: Sports

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Face players all around the world in the most intense golf tournaments. Design your own character, train him in different and amazing 3D environments.

Shot Online is an excellent golf simulator that not only it is designed for lovers of this sport, but also for anyone who wants to have fun for a few hours while hitting the ball by golf courses placed in many parts of the world. This online game has incredible and real movements which will increase your game experience.

As in all sports, you will need lots of patience and practice to become a good golfer. With training modes, as well as the various tournaments, you can gain the necessary experience to climb positions in the world of golf. In Shot Online you will find different challenges to solve, as well as been able to exchange products that will increase your player's skills. As you win tournaments, you will receive juicy rewards, with which you will be able to purchase new and better equipment for your character.

Once you play Shot Online, you will realize that the creators of the game take their time to recreate every detail of this sport. You can appreciate this not only on the player's real movements but also in the physics of the ball, wind and other factors in the field, which will affect also -for better or worse- your kicks.

In Shot Online you will compete with different players around the world, but you will be able to communicate with them as well through the game's chat. This way, you can exchange experiences, get advice from those who are better positioned in the ranking, etc.

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