Goalunited 2012

Developer: northworks Software GmbH

Category: Sports

Tags: browser games, football, manager, soccer, sports, manager, MMO, Goal United, the, king


Returns the thrill of football with a new season full of surprises. Teams are already working to face new challenges and you must build a team capable of fighting for glory.

A new season is about to start with Goalunited 2012 and fans are looking forward to the start the show. Your mission in this exciting online game will be neither more nor less than taking charge of your own football team, and leading it to the highest of the rank while fighting for the championship.

You will handle all the details relating to the team, so first of all you must choose a name for your team, as well as the uniform to defend your national colors throughout the tournament. Once you have done this, you will be ready to jump into the field! Your next mission will be prepare those men who will represent your team on the court. Pick the style of game that best suits you and explore different options to make your team play just as you want! Create a training plan that best fits the characteristics of your men choosing from several activities to be done to correct your team weakest points.

Winning games will make the other players turn to see your performance, and thus the sponsors, who will be willing to give away large amounts of money for you to strengthen your team with new and better items, improve your training camps or even expanding your stadium, enabling it so more people can attend your meetings while increasing your income.

Spend hours of fun with the enormous possibilities with Goalunited 2012 and lead your team to the victory game by game.

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