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Create your own virtual athlete and test it in different sports you will find in this online game. Stroll through the different cities and meet people from all over the world, while competing in exciting events.

Empire of Sports is an online game where you can create your own virtual athlete and compete in different sports. With a huge variety of editing options, such as different styles of hair and face, as well as several articles in clothing, your athlete may look just like you want. Once you have done this, you will be ready to enter to the fantastic world of Empire of Sports. Unlike the vast majority of sports games, Empire of Sports combine different activities to do, whether working out on one of the various sports available, taking a walk in virtual cities and meeting new friends.

There are six different sports in Empire of Sports -football, tennis, athletics, bobsleigh, skiing and basketball. To compete in these different sports you will need to have the necessary equipment, which you can buy in different game shops. With this wide range of sporting, Empire of Sports will give you many hours of fun, because you can always try your skills in one sport or another. You can also join different tournaments that take place in the game and measure yourself against a large number of players from all around the world.

The cities of Empire of Sports are the perfect place to meet new people, buying articles in the stores or create clubs. So far there are two cities in the game, France and UK, but soon there will be new ones. Here you will find also different characters. Some of them may approach you offering innovative Sporting Goods, others will help you to improve your technique, and others will challenge you with incredible missions to perform.

Challenge your friends in different sporting events, or just stroll around town and meet people from all over the planet!

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