Rising Cities

Developer: Bigpoint

Category: Simulation

Tags: browser games, simulation, online games, world, cities, MMO, Rising Cities, the


Become the architect of an entire city. Design the metropolis just the way you want it with all available buildings. Control everything in your town and its economy, and turn it into a world class city.

Rising Cities is a fun online game that will test your skills as a strategist. In this game you will create a city from zero, and design it just the way you want it.

At first you won't have many people in your city, so you should start to build houses that will attract more people to visit and help with the growth. As mayor of your town, not only have to worry about building, you will also be in charge of everything related to the city's economy as well as to keep all people in your metropolis happy.

As you progress in Rising Cities, the demands of citizens begin to grow, so you have to always be ready to give them what they need, to maintain the city functioning correctly. The more your city grows, the more people will want to live there, which will benefit you greatly, because that means more money!

Pay close attention to how you plan your city as well as the demands of the people, they have many problems if you decide to build a factory next to a group of houses, or an animal farm in the city center.

Compare your city with other mayors and see who is the best in the ranking game.

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