Rail Nation

Developer: Bright Future GmbH

Category: Simulation

Tags: games, simulation, strategy, trains, transport, Rail Nation, history, company, tycoon, station, buildings, maps, the, online


Leave behind your model trains and play Rail Nation the first free online game where you can manage an entire railway network throughout the history of this transportation.

From first steam locomotives to modern high-speed trains, all these machines are available for you in Rail Nation. Build your own railroad company where you can cooperate with other players online and become a real rail transport tycoon.

The game includes a wide range of options that allows each player to have an unique company - 50 cities and industries on over 1700 maps, 11 buildings with nearly 300 enhancements and more than one hundred types of workers – each with characteristics.

As director of a transport company, you have to perform various actions. Earn profits on transport of goods and invest the money back to your company in form of upgrades. You also have to investigate which types of machines and buildings are better for your company, so you can stay ahead of your competition.

Rail Nation takes you through six eras of railway history, culminating in final tournament where all players compete against each other with their businesses running at full capacity.

The game exceeds the possibilities of any model trains so if rail transport is your matter of hearth keep your models in the store room and give a chance to Rail Nation. You will discover its endless possibilities!

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