Garbage Garage

Developer: Upjers

Category: Simulation

Tags: games , mmo , multiplayer , simulation , cars, vehicles , Ludolf , Garbage Garage, online, the


Join Ludolf brothers and manage your own scrapping Garbage Garage in this online simulation game based on the famous german reality show Die Ludolfs.

The scrap is big business these days and Ludolf brothers know it. With Garbage Garage you can create and manage a car repairs or scrap cars for profit up to the last piece of these damaged vehicles, both to sell or for use in other vehicles and turning them into real four-wheeled gems.

This is a game that has as a major component TUNING, because you can apply these pieces of junk to other vehicles to improve them. Garbage Garage provides a lot of possibilities on this field, allowing you to not only apply used parts to other cars, but you can also create unique new vehicles from these parts.

In this sense, Garbage Garage is not a racing game, but a game of car scrapping and tuning simulation. However, once you have created your car, you can compete with other players to check your machine's abilities.

However, you will not get only cars for scrapping, you may also receive remains of boats, helicopters, trucks, planes and even tanks and it will be up to you how far will you go with these scrap parts. You also have to pay attention to the organization and decoration of your scrap field, so do not treat your garage like it was a landfill.

Garbage Garage is a multiplayer game intended for lovers of vehicles and engines, so if you feel like at home between these folks, do not hesitate to sign up and try this new game full of different possibilities and vehicles.

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