Developer: Bigpoint

Category: Simulation

Tags: browser games, simulation, farm games, games for kids, farmerama, h


Enjoy nature as you control your own farm and meet unique and funny characters. Become a farmer and discovers how far you can go.

In Farmerama you will begin with a small farm in which you can plant and harvest various products which will receive valuable rewards that will make your plants grow faster and with a better quality. As you complete the game you can expand your land buying pieces of field, as well as a variety of seeds to get the most various crops, with which you can make money to keep improving your farm.

Increase your experience points to access the various options this online games offer and build a stable, a henhouse or a duck lake. You must always be alert when you organize your farm. Feeding the animals will always be the best way to achieve the best quality products.

Enter the farm, where you can manage your sales, review orders or make advertising through the Merchant, a likeable character who will spred the word about what you're doing, quickly increasing the number of customers to whom you can sell your products. You may even receive some special orders!

Enjoy the different tasks you will find in the Cooperative while gaining great rewards. You will have many types of quests to do, from completing large orders in a certain amount of time, to returning happiness to a sad group of chickens that have been abandoned. You can offer your products in the newspaper, find out about the best tips to manage your farm and find special offers to get more plants and animals.

Swap items with other players of Farmerama, compare achievements and compete to see who is the best. Create your own logo so the rest of users can easily locate you and choose the colors tothat will represent you!

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