Operation 7

Developer: Mgame Corporation

Category: Shooting

Tags: Games, MMO, FPS, MMOFPS, multiplayer, modes, PvP, shooting, browser, online, Operation 7, realism, the, x


Discover one of the most realistic MMOFPS that you can play today: Operation 7 is intended to provide great multiplayer fighting experience that fans of the genre will love.

In Operation 7 you can enjoy several PvP modes: Deathmatch mode, where teams of players fight for reaching the victory by killing members of other teams, Head Hunting, where players of each team try to hunt the Major of opponents team, Survival mode, where the game goes on until all players of a team die and lose the play. Another of PvP modes is Demolition, where players will have to protect or destroy areas of the map. In Keep the line players have to conquer territories of the opposite team. The last mode, Gold Fever, consist in stealing gold from the strongbox of opponents team.

There are some more features in Operation 7 that make it a top-quality game: for example, you can custom your character and you will enjoy detailed maps and effects. You will also have to become a good soldier, while the game runs very fast and you won’t have always enough time to think over the situation.

Like in every multiplayer game, the community in Opertation 7 is very important: you will enjoy the clan system and you will find several ranking lists where you should try to get own place. Each clan can either publish their recruitment rules or accept every petition from players that want to join to the clan or enable other requirements for new players.

If you are an experienced MMOFPS player, you will find Operaion 7 a genuine multipayer game, without PvE modes. You will only battle against other players that won’t feel any piety.

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