Ghost Recon Online

Developer: Ubisoft Entertainment

Category: Shooting

Tags: downloadable games, shooting games, war, online, re, Ghost Recon Online, the, x


Become an elite soldier and face all sorts of challenges and complex missions. Equip yourself with the newest weapons and combat in explosive battles with your own team.

The famous series Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon already has different titles for different platforms, but this game makes its appearance in the world of free online games. This client based third person shooter game, will show you how wars are fight today. With a wide variety of available weapons, realistic scenarios and the opportunity to create your own combat techniques, Ghost Recon Online's aim is to recreate every detail of the war to make you feel like you're just in the middle of the battlefield.

Before you can enter the world of Ghost Recon Online, you will create your soldier, and customize different objects. Select your character's weapons and the cloths that he will carry into battle. You can create heavily armed soldiers capable of bearing the brunt of the enemy, or stealthy soldiers who can attack from a distance at a more comfortable position.

As you progress through the game and defeat enemies, you'll get experiencer to increase your level and unlock incredible new items and abilities, allowing you to gain respect on the battlefield.

Interact with Ghost Recon Online players all around the world, and join them to perform great group missions. Fight against other players teams with different game modes, such as eliminating an opponent or take the control point of the opposing team.

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