Developer: Bigpoint

Category: Shooting

Tags: browser games, shooting games, space, bit, DarkOrbit, Earth, humans, planets, race, mission, Earthlings, extintion, ship, battlefield, the


It is the third millennium and the Earth long ago ceased to be habitable. Human beings, in their attempt to survive, turned their attention to space in search for a new home. Now history seems to repeat itself.

After several events on planet Earth, this ended up becoming a place unsuitable to support life in normal form. Given this, humans went into space in search for new planets where they could settle and preserve the existence of the human race. Through their long search mission, brave adventurers managed to discover new resources in vast cosmos. Over many years, formerly called "Earthlings", managed to settle in different places and learned to get used to new ways of life. But history tends to repeat itself and now humans have to deal with old problems that once were left on the brink of human extinction.

As in the time in when they lived on Earth, humans are still engaged in their insatiable quest for money and power, what has led them to be divided into three different groups, fighting each other and invading each other in the search of resource control. In DarkOrbit you must join one of these three groups in this fight for total domination in one of the most exciting online games.

On board of your ship, you can travel across the universe, where in addition to valuable resources, you may also encounter enemy ships with same intentions as yours are. The more battles you win, the more improvements you can make to your ship, that can be turned into a powerful and unbeatable machine. Design the best tactical fighter and test it on the battlefield thanks to DarkOrbit.

Get on your ship and fight for the survival of your community in this awesome browser game, full of action and big adventures.

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