Blacklight Retribution

Developer: Perfect World Entertainment Inc

Category: Shooting

Tags: downloadable games, shooting games, robots, world, re, battlefield, the


In this shooting game you are in a world engulfed by chaos, where every corner is a battlefield. Here there are different factions, and each fight to the death for control of territory.

In Blacklight Retribution you'll be a savage mercenary defending the interests of your faction in this war for control of the territories. The shooter will place you in a future apocalyptic time where survival and supremacy in the streets is all that matters. In this dark and sad fictional world humans fight not only with weapons, but also with the support of the mechs, impressive robots equipped with powerful weapons of destruction. These giants made of steel will have all kinds of weapons, including machine guns and long-range missiles. Having one of these powerful mechs will greatly help in the battle causing greater damage to the enemy than any other soldier.

Like many online games, initially you'll have a very limited arsenal and a bunch of skills to perfect, so your first steps will be immediately working on improving your equipment if you want to survive. The more you play Blacklight
Retribution, the more your dominance over the map of the game will increase. This will help you in case that a mech attacks you. You would be able not only of scape but also to know the key areas to attack your opponents in the back without them noticing your presence.

Blacklight Retribution has amazing graphics full of details that will make even more realistic maps and beetles.

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