Developer: 7 Road

Category: RPG

Tags: MMORPG, building, strategy, city, quests, free-to-play, free, browser game, Wartune, h, king


Wartune is free to play MMORPG web-based game that combines both RPG and strategy elements into one well-looking enjoyable masterpiece. Become a hero that protects his city, defend people from evil foes and level-up to become more and more powerful.

Wartune is an interesting mix of two popular genres – RPG and strategy. But lets not forego...

The first thing you have to do (like in almost all games of this genre) is to pick your hero - Knight, Mage or Archer. You may also pick if your avatar will be male or female but here customization possibilities end. Your adventure starts on a forest path where you meet first enemies and also a lady in distress. As part of the reward for helping her you are taken into city that will be your home from now on.

In the strategical part you care for the city, upgrade buildings, recruit soldiers etc... Everything is connected, so level of buildings may be only that high as level of your Town Hall, level of your Barracks sets maximal level of units and which units you can recruit, etc... Good “work” here will make your life much easier in the action part.

The action part is not somehow strictly departed from the “strategical” one, it is actually its logical and natural extension. Always when evil tries to grab your city or when you are needed a quest will arrive into “quest overview”. If you accept it, you will be shown in Diablo-like view in the landscape. After some “sniffing around” you will meet your opponents and here comes the “reward” for your strategical preparations – your troops are with you and the higher level they are the easier is the combat. Combat alone is semi-automatic – opponents attack you and your troops and you respond with standard attacks but you can activate special action if you got enough Rage. Rage replenish itself for each successful hit. Completed quests give you experience, for it you got new skills... like in all games of this genre.

Hand-drawn graphics looks great and the well done music really builds up the atmosphere. And what you will welcome is the superb tutorial that will takes you trough your first steps.

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