Developer: Ankama

Category: RPG

Tags: Games, role-playing games, MMO, MMORPG, mutiplayer, fantasy, tactics, strategy humour, clases, characters, levels, carrers, freedom, tasks, politics, nature, dungeons, fight, battles, Dofus, Krosmoz, WAKFU, the


Enter the Krosmoz Universe with WAKFU, the multiplayer online game in which you will fight incredible battles, in a wonderful mix of tactics, fantasy and humour. Choose your class, your role, your nation… And take part in this epic adventure!

WAKFU is more than a multiplayer game: its a part of the Krosmoz Universe, in which you will also find other game stories: Dofus, Krosmaster or Jalabol. Follow the footsteps of Ogrest, the responsible of the world’s cataclysm and forge your own destiny as politician, trader or craftsman.

The first thing that stands-out in WAKFU are its graphics: you will enjoy its original comic-based aesthetics with a unique style that you can perceive in each detail of the game. However, you’d better not think of it as child play: lots of strategy and combat are required, and a variety of complex characters make this game a big tittle of role and strategy, with freedom to choose what to do as one of its strong points.

Choose your character between the 15 available classes and evolve him or her depending on your game style. There aren’t too many physical customization possibilities for your hero, but there are many equipment options, with lots of war frames you can obtain. Besides, characters can reach 200 levels, so the longevity of your WAKFU adventure is practically unlimited. You can also choose one or more of the 14 carriers available in the game and reach the rank of “Master”. Your hero will have unique skills!

One of the biggest features of WAKFU is the freedom to choose what you want to do: you can move as if you were in a Sandbox game, without completing quests. The game is based on completing challenges by doing different tasks: exploring maps, protect nature and rebuild the world after a cataclysm, choose a political career, create groups to complete dungeons, trading, reach a high enough level to fight Ogrest…

WAKFU options are unlimited! Enjoy this original brand new game and forge your own destiny.

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