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Category: RPG

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Tibia is an old-school online RPG game and if we tell old-school then we really mean old-school. Tibia is out there since 1997 and it looks exactly how would you await from such “old-timer” - 2D view from above, schematic hand-painted graphics... On the other hand it has classical RPG system unmatched by many modern titles.

Yes, Tibia is an “old-timer” we say it right on the start. If you look for modern 3D graphics, full of effects, then do not stop here. If you believe the game must by powered by some ultra-hyper-xyper engine to be good, just continue to other titles. But if you are also an “old-timer” in the RPG genre and remember good old times when games were not about graphics and effects but about ideas, complex rules and possibilities, stop here and consider making a registration. Here are some facts to help you decide.

Classical gaming style – Tibia is based on old well known RPG rules. You kill monsters, gather loot and gold, fulfill quests, gain XP points to level up etc. Good thing is that there is no limit for your level, what means if you play hard and avoid death (dying means loose XP and some items), your avatar may become real semi-god that destroys enemies by wave of his hand. There is also a lot of gears to use for each class.

Classical classes – you can be either Druid, Knight, Paladin or Sorcerer. Druids are skilled healers, Knights are born fighters in armor, Paladdin is a cross-class between healer and fighter and Sorcerers can cast devastating spells on long distance.

Home in the classical style – you can own a house in Tibia that no other player can enter without your invitation. Not only you can store here your precious items but you can also decorate the interior.

Classical PvE and PvP combat modes – there are servers dedicated for both PvE and PvP oriented players. If you prefer to be safe, choose PvE server while PvP happens here only if players agree. On PvP servers you may fight other players openly (but on your own risk of course).

Classical graphics – like told before the game is hand-painted in 2D from “above”. The style is very similar to old Ultima Online title. Thanks to this simple graphics you can run the game also on very old hardware.

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