Shakes and Fidget

Developer: Playa Games GmbH

Category: RPG

Tags: browser games, role-playing games, RPG, h, the


Select a character, define its characteristics and dive into this fun game based on the famous comic.

The characters of the famous series of Shakes and Fidget come with this online game full of fun adventures of all kinds. You must create a character and decide to which class it will belong: magician, warrior or a hunter. In addition, you can choose the race to which he belongs, choosing between 8 varied options.You start at the tavern, the best place to meet new people. Here you will find people very friendly asking your help to do certain missions in exchange for money, but be careful; some will try to trick you trying just to take your money. Of course you can go there as well just to have a beer and recover lost energy.You will need money to move up in Shakes and Fidget, and the best way to get it is working. Take available jobs every day in order to buy the various items for sale, which will help you to get your character leveling up. You can buy the strangest objects as well as clothing and weapons of all kinds, making your character better it certain skills.If you think you're ready to fight with anyone, enters the stadium and fight and find against users Shakes and Fidget community worldwide. They, as well like you, want to reach the top. Create a guild or join one of them and enjoy the adventure with the large number of players worldwide. Compare stats and see who the best of all through the Ranking is.Discover all the adventures that Shakes and Fidget offers and enjoy as you go through this fun world or check our other free RPGs.

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