Developer: DTP Entertainment

Category: RPG

Tags: downloadable games, role-playing games, RPG, MMO, MMORPG, future, Otherland


Based on the stories of Tad Williams, this game will take you to a fictional future where there are no limits and humans can travel anywhere they have imagined.

Otherland is a futuristic MMORPG online game based on a series of virtual reality novels made by American author Tad Williams.

The game will place you in the second half of the XXI century, where you will find a huge futuristic world to explore. In this fictional future humans can coexist in cyberspace without any problems and transport themselves to any scenario they have imagined.

Discover the great potential that the game has to create your own character. Select a class for your hero and get ready for the big trip. The way you progress through the game you can increase your level of experience, which will help to improve and learn new skills, and receive special items.

The danger is lurking around Otherland, so you must be alert to any threat and prepare your character with the best fighting techniques and the best weapons.Otherland has an enormous amount of magical places to visit. A medieval world, known as Eight Squared, with a spectacular castle and chess pieces floating in the air, vast valleys full of trees, and even our neighboring planet, Mars with all its immense red deserts are just some of the places that you can see in this amazing game.

In Otherland you also can create your own world through the option My Land, the place where you can go to recover and which also serves as storage. Collect DNA of different creatures or objects that you discover in your way, and use it to create your own inventions.

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