Ninja Scuffle

Developer: IceGames

Category: RPG

Tags: ninja, ninjutsu, Naruto, Sasuke, Jiraiya, Tsunade, Kakashi, Orochimaru, Naruto Saga, anime, manga, RPG, MMORPG, free to play, web game, Ninja Scuffle, the


The famous Naruto character is now starring in the web-based RPG Ninja Scuffle. Come in, meet famous characters from Naruto´s universe, perform quests, train and become a true Ninjutsu master in this japanese-style RPG!

If you are fan of this famous manga and love these stories, then you will feel in this game like in second home. This game is not only “inspired”, you are “in there” and you can meet all these well known characters (Sasuke, Jiraiya, Tsunade, Kakashi, Orochimaru...). Also Naruto's fans, spare your time and jump right in, you will not regret it.

For us, who are not so well familiar with Naruto, here is short description. This is a huge RPG game where your goal is to master japanese martial arts in a ninja school. Of course such task is not achieved overnight and you will have to face many obstacles and fulfill many tasks to do so. There are three ninja schools/styles you may study – Taijutsu, Ninjutsu and Genjutsu. Taijutsu ninjas are trained to sustain and receive damage. It is not easy to take down master of this style. Ninjutsu is meant for those, whose want to kill with single blow, while teaches critical strikes. Genjutsu ninjas are masters of dodging - "never be there, where the blow comes". Opposite to other games of this genre you do not choose your class on the beginning of the game but during the story.

Tasks and missions are also a bit different from competition games. You dont always find a quest-giver but in the time when the game takes your character as “level-enough” you just get the task from the game. Also there is not always a fixed reward for the quest but you are rewarded on the base of your progress during the quest. But not only through quests is the ninja alive, you may forge your weapons (from scratch), upgrade these and, if you want, even farm. And you would never believe what a ninja can do with fruit... (of course except eating)

Graphics of the game holds as rest of the game the japanase anime/manga style and the best word to describe it is “cute”. And like in almost all japanase-style games you may look forward to enjoy really nice effects in battle.

Come and learn secret arts in Ninja Scuffle, dark may be the way of ninja...

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