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Neverwinter people seek a hero to return the greatness to their city. With the help of the different races, face all sorts of monsters and demons, and destroy once for all the darkness that inhabits this earth.

Over a hundred years ago Faerun cities were at their peak, and it seemed that nothing could stop the growth of these mighty empires, but they were wrong. After a series of spells cast against this land, chaos and destruction swept through each of these territories, except for Neverwinter, a town north of Faerun, that escaped the catastrophe with the help of the gods. The people of Neverwinter did not enjoy for long the blessing of these gods and years later they succumbed to a volcanic eruption that left the city in ruins after a rain of fire. Now the people of Neverwinter is trying to reemerge after this terrible event and return to be the great city once was. But this won't be easy. Evil monsters all around Neverwinter threaten to attack and sink it in eternal despair.

Neverwinter: Dungeons & Dragons is a role-playing game,full of adventure along Neverwinter, a city trying to bounce back from its sad past. Along other races, such as dwarves and elves, you can explore the extensive map of this online game and find all sorts of amazing sites such as the imposing walls of the city, or the catacombs, located in the depths of the earth, where you will find all sorts of dangers and treasures to discover. Take on evil creatures like demons and fearsome monsters that will be willing to stop your mission, and return o Neverwinter the peace and harmony they once enjoyed.

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