Monkey King Online

Developer: R2games

Category: RPG

Tags: games, MMORPG, League of Angels, Chinese, classic, heroes, Monkey King Online, PvP, guild, the, war


Master the art of war, discover the secrets of magic, invoke the Immortals and prepare for the final battle in a fantastic scenario based on Eastern mythology. Discover the promising MMORPG, Monkey King Online.

Dive into Chinese mythology in this fascinating MMORPG by R2games, developers of League of Angels, among other games.

The plot of this epic adventure is based on the brilliant XVI century novel “Journey to the West”, considered one of the four greatest novels of Chinese classic literature.

In this MMORPG you can choose between 4 mythological creatures that act as heroes:

-Monkey King, born from Stone, has a magic 8 tons baton from which to harnesses his majestic power.
-Fox Demon, a powerful fighter who is able to perpetrate fast and harmful attacks.
-Ox Demon, master of mountains and fire, will seek alliance with the most infernal creatures to crush his enemies
-Iron Fan Princess, trapped between heaven and hell, she will use her powers, both heavenly and hellish powers.

This AAA production is full of PvP combats in wonderful scenarios. You can also seek alliances with other players and participate in the clan system.

Furthermore, you can create your own items: choose your guild and create objects to customize your character and upgrade its abilities.

Don’t hesitate and take part of the MMORPG everybody has been waiting for!

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