League of Angels

Developer: Youzu

Category: RPG

Tags: MMO, role-playing games, MMORPG, angels, League of Angels, beauty, PvP, PvE, side games, farming, designs, experience, events, social, free-to-play, the


Enjoy beauty in multiple forms with this role-playing game featured by female angels that fight against the forces of darkness. A free-to-play MMORPG that will have you glued to the screen.

A long time ago, angels reigned the Earth and kept it in peace and balance. But a dark force betrayed them and they fell into a deep sleep that lead chaos to the planet. Now, heroes fight to take back peace and wake up their angels in order to recover the balance.

League of Angels is a RPG and strategy game where some features have been automatized, so you can focus on creating the best team and be successful in your battles by upgrading your angels. To do that you can battle NPC’s in PvE mode, where you also learn the story-line of the game. However, the challenge is to fight against other players in PvP modes.

The game also has side games, which will further entertain you, something that has become more and more usual in new MMO games. Moreover, these side games introduce features that you can find in farming games, like having your farm to increase your resources or steal them from others. You can also build, take part in daily random events and fight against bosses to increase experience points.

In League of Angels the social component is an important part of the game experience. You can invite your friends, congratulate them for their achievements and also watch their battles. Graphics are standard quality, but you will enjoy the precious designs of the main characters.

If you like RPG and strategy games and you want to enjoy the beauty of angels, League of Angels is your game.

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