Hero Zero

Developer: Playata GmbH

Category: RPG

Tags: browser games, role-playing games, superhero games, RPG, MMO, MMORPG, Hero Zero, the


Have you ever wished to be superhero? Well, this is the time for you. Get up off the couch, make your own costume with what you find, and go to the streets to bring order the neighborhood.

Hero Zero is an RPG where you will take the role of an unemployed with no future that always had the desire to become a superhero, and now finally decided to fulfill his dream.

Since we did not suffer the bite of a spider with supernatural effects, nor was exposed to a lot of radiation that grant him superpowers, your character will have no choice but to use anything you find to look like a superhero. Bathrobes, hair dryers, shower curtains or pretending to be a layer, are just some of the fun objects you'll find in Hero Zero. Of course you can also change the appearance of your hero, and create various combinations of faces and hair styles, always with a humor that this online game has.

The superhero work is not easy, and before heading out to the streets to save the world, you first have to prepare yourself. The best way is to train your strength or your intelligence, as well as having some duels against players from around the world, in which you can receive experience points and other great rewards.

At the beginning of Zero Hero you will have a status of dumb of the neighborhood, which can change when you will begin to complete various missions and getting to higher level. Different challenges include missions on time, combat, among many others. Completing these missions you'll earn money to spend at the second hand store and equip your hero with better items and increase their skills.

If you want to earn a little more money, or if the crime is out of season, you can always get an extra job and get a little more money.Grab the bathrobe, put on your cucumber mask and prepare to protect the Humphreydale neighborhood, or better said, bad guys should prepare.

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