Grand Voyage

Developer: Ngames

Category: RPG

Tags: games, MMO, multiplayer, RPG, MMORPG, strategy, sea, battles, commerce, colonial, commodities, ships, routes, diplomatic, Grand Voyage, the


Travel to colonial times in Grand Voyage, in the game set to times of great sea discoveries that changed the map of world forever. This is an unusual combination of RPG and strategy game that will let you to become a great colonial Captain.

By mixing RPG and strategy, Grand Voyage drives players to the XVI century, when Mediterranean, Northern Sea and Baltic Sea became the center of sea transport and commerce – and everybody wanted to become rich thanks to this fact.

The playability is based on commercial strategies, to years when all commodities where actually also form of currency. Depending on offer and demand of products, the price rises up, in metal, spices or other goods. You will need commercial abilities to progress in Grand Voyage.

The control of commercial routes and the acquiring of commodities were causes of more than one war in those years. That’s why sea battles will be constant in Grand Voyage. Use your ship to fight others and get control over most important periods to enforce your will to others.

Besides, the game recreates the castes system of this historical period and diplomatic relationships, as ruthless as these were in those times. You can decide if you throw your enemies without mercy over the board or if you give them the opportunity to become allies.

A history and commerce lesson and a complete action game, Grand Voyage takes players to well-known cities and frontiers of that time, and also provides a lot of opportunities to fight incredible sea battles.

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