Developer: Fragoria

Category: RPG

Tags: browser games, role-playing games, fantasy, Fragoria, world, the, dr, x, DRAGONS


Step into a world of incredible fantasies full of knights, wizards, witches and dragons, and live the most exciting adventures next to your heroe.

Fragoria is a free online game that will take you to a magical world of the Middle Ages, inhabited by all sorts of creatures. Build your own character and face incredible adventures. As you progress through the game, you will discover new and more complicated challenges. The more enemies you defeat, the more opportunities you have to increase your heroe's experience , and thus receive skill points to increase his capabilities.

In addition to a large amount of weapons and items available, your character also can learn new fighting techniques as well as powerful spells, either attending classes or through books, which you can find in Fragoria's store.

The map of Fragoria is truly immense, so walking through the different areas of this magical world can be really tiring for your feet. That's why there are different objects and special powers that will allow you to travel quicker, as mounts or powers of super speed. You may also find other means of transportation to travel on a more instantaneous way, such as the pink cloud that will send automatically once you step on it, or the Stone of the way and the Scroll, which will teleport you immediately to your destination.

Interact with a huge number of players of Fragoria and travel accompanied of other warriors, with which you can perform various tasks and create powerful teams.

Lots of action, magical characters, a huge map, incredibles graphics and a story that will keep you hooked -that's what Fragoria promises!

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