Fiesta Online

Developer: gamigo AG

Category: RPG

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Bijou was created with the same abilities of the supreme God. Because of the great power that he had, his opponents decided to divide it into several parts worldwide. One of this pieces has been found, and people are excited with his return.

Legel was the most powerful among all the Gods of the universe. Endowed with great powers, he decided to create a vast land where there was beauty everywhere. Legel and the inhabitants of his world were living in total harmony until one day, blinded by envy, the rest of Gods decided to send him to the eternal darkness of space. Knowing the punishment to which he had been convicted, he decided to create Bijou, a being copied in his image and likeness, with which he would still controll all that belongs to him. Given this, the frightened Gods razed most of the creations made by Legel, including his most precious treasure, Bijou. But he was not completely destroyed, but divided into parts and sent to different parts of the Earth, where he would stayed for long.

One day, deep in the forest of the elves, the rumbling sound of bells announced what seemed to be the discovery of a piece of the most beloved Legel's son. Knowing this, the inhabitants of the world created by the banished God banished celebrated full of illusion, because after a long suffering their prayers seem to have been heard.

Now you can be part of this adventure called Fiesta Online. Along with other residents of this land, you hsould find the pieces of Bijou. Through different missions filled with action, in this online game you should find one by one the various objects that will give live to the only one able to defeat the evil Gods, and return peace and harmony who ever lived in this world.

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