Champions Online

Developer: Perfect World Entertainment Inc

Category: RPG

Tags: downloadable games, role-playing games, MMORPG, online, h, the


Become a daring superhero and confront all kinds of dangerous villains. Choose the features for your character and use your superpowers to save the human race from any threat.

Champions Online is a role game where you'll make your childhood dream of becoming a hero that fights all kinds of abuses come true. In this vast world there are many types of dangers and only a hero like you can take charge of them, so your mission will be to save guard the different zones of the town with your skills and superpowers.

In Champions Online you'll have the chance of creating the superhero you always dreamed of, as the game has countless customizing options for you to recreate the look that better suits your style. With a great variety of costumes, colours and body shapes, the combinations are infinite and you'll be able to combine them as you like until your character has that unique look that you are looking for. Of course a superhero is nothing without his superpowers, so you'll count with a numerous amount of them to choose from. But you will not only have the chance of choosing your superpowers, you can also change the way the superpowers look like at the battlefield, for example, a purple field of force with powerful green balls of fire. As a superhero has not much sense without it's nemesis, in Champions Online you'll have one, and you will even be able to configure his appearance and powers.

The Champions Online world is enormous and you'll not only get to explore Millennium City, you will also be able to travel around the outer space, explore hidden cities undersea or travel through other dimensions.

Fight the forces of evil and discover the wonderful possibilities this game offers you, which are countless, as the hours of fun it provides.

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