Developer: XPEC Entertainment. Inc

Category: RPG

Tags: browser games, role-playing games, anime, Canaan, the


Follow the path of the four legendary heroes and continue their mission to find paradise, where people will be able to escape from catastrophe and live in peace.

Canaan is one of the youngest worlds that God created. Hardly a hundred years old, people from Canaan has always had to suffer from constant fights for power and conflicts. One day, Narffilleis, the church elder, decided to recruit four brave warriors that would undertake the mission of searching for a new world where to live in harmony and peace. But after the king of Canaan died, chaos rose and the four heroes had to come back to Kalika, Cannan's capital. After an enormous battle, both Kalika, and all trace of the four heroes, disappeared.

In this browser game you'll start by creating your character by choosing from 5 types of heroes. The Warrior will always be ready to unsheathed his sword, the Mage will count with powerful spells to cast on enemies, the Ranger will use his bow to shoot his arrows skillfully, the Priest will heal warriors wounded in battle with his control over dark magic, and the Druid will control the elements of nature.

Explore the incredible world of Canaan and discover all the objects that hide in it. Defeat your enemies and unlock new areas of the map while you gain points of experience with which your character will get access to new skills and powers.

Role games are the most competitive games of all. Play against other players in both, one-on-one or massive battles, and prove you are the best.

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