Age of Wulin

Developer: Snail Games

Category: RPG

Tags: games, MMO, MMORPG, realistic, Middle Ages, China, martial arts, NPC’s, battles, skills, PvP, clan, Age of Wulin, free-to-play, x, the


Travel to Middle Age China with Age of Wulin, the free-to-play MMORPG to play martial arts like never before. You can dive into its wonderful graphics and experience a unique game with a singular and realistic gameplay.

Age of Wulin stands out because it contains not a trace of fantasy in the game. It is an excellent attempts at creating a realistic ambiance game representing the Middle Ages, where you can travel to China and learn martial arts from the cradle.

You won’t find classes or levels that are available in other fantasy MMORPG. You will, however, have to improve your skills, for example, by practicing battles against NPC’s. There is no time to get bored because these characters have an advanced AI: for example, they act depending on what they think about you and depending on their nature. You can also find hidden battles, so you will obtain incredible skills no one else has.

In Age of Wulin you will have to choose between eight different schools of Kung-Fu, each one with its own features. You can become an expert in a determined school, but will also have to know the basis of the other schools in order to be a real master. You will also have to choose a profession and this choice will improve different skills.

But Age of Wulin also offers PvP modes (otherwise we wouldn’t be able to consider it a MMO game).You can create Clans to expand your influence with a little help from your allies. Your Clan can conquer a castle, but they’re limited and you all will have to fight off invaders. You can also play with other players by training with your friends, fighting against opponents, create tournaments, steal from and kidnap other players… Everything is possible and you will love the realism.

Enjoy this wonderful game and travel to Middle Age China in an MMORPG game that won’t disappoint you!

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