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Discover the power martial arts hide and battle against all types of enemies. Travel back to ancient China times and discover the great mystery behind the nine dragons.

9Dragons is a browser game that will take you to ancient China, to the nine dragon era. In this role-playing game you'll learn different combat techniques from that legendary era and different martial arts until you master them. In 9Dragons there are six different clans you can choose from, each one with their own school where you can learn different types of combat skills. Depending on which clan you chose you'll learn different tactics to become a Kung-Fu, Shaolin or Tai-Chi master, or join the Brotherhood of Thieves and become an axe expert. You can also explore ancient China in search on its mysteries alone, without being part of any clan.

9Dragons is a downloadable game that features a great amount of options for editing your warrior's appearance. Change your face, your hair or the clothing of your character and give it the look that better suits you. At the beginning of the game you'll be given 10 Chi points, from which you'll have to build your character; as you advance and fight, you'll gain more points that will enable the upgrading of your character until you become a true martial art master.

To perfect your combat skill is vital to become a real master. The more experience you gain, the more difficult your enemies will be and new adventures will be unlocked so you can always find challenges for your abilities. You will also be able to challenge other 9Dragons players from all over the world and prove your skill in exciting one-on-one or massive clan combats

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