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Pick a race and fight for power in Iberian, the fantastic island that shelter those survivors who resisted the destruction of the Earth and all living things.

When everything was a huge vacuum, Leya and Bergelius were the first Gods. Leya was kind and had the power of creation, while Bergelius was all pride and distrust. After an intense battle, Bergelius take Leya as his prisoner, but this didn't make her to stop creating. So the planet grew full of beautiful things, and different elements, as well as a great number of beings. When Bergelius realice that, he destroyed the new planet and every living thing that inhabitated it. Some areas resisted this destruction, those few who survived decided to go in search of a new home, where they would find that the world and its inhabitants were no longer what they used be.

4Story is an MMORPG online game where you should join one of the existing different races in the game and fight for the pride of your nation. There are three kingdoms in the game, each of them with its own emperor. These realms are: Valorian Derion and Gor. The danger is always lurking in every corner of this land, and as you increase your level, you can increase your skills as well as have better weapons.

There are a big variety of character classes, as conjurers, archers, mages, warriors, among many others. Each of these have different abilities and powers, as well as special weapons to face the enemies.

There are plenty of animals in 4Story, which you may ride to travel faster and quickly transport you from one city to another.

Many characters, an extensive map and an incredible history, are just some of the things that await you in this fantasy world.

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