King's Road

Developer: Rumble Entertainment

Category: Beta

Tags: RPG, MMO, MMORPG, multiplayer, online games, Kings Road, 3, the


Kings Road is a true old-style RPG set into medieval kingdom, where you will decide if you will want to play the role of a knight, crushing your enemies with overwhelming force, of an archer whose aim causes havoc in ranks of dark enemies or role of a magician who can destroy opponents with powerful spells. Uncover and solve a dark and sinister plot!

This is a browser game with a formidable 3D graphics along with a very elaborate background music that can be compared to any downloadable game or to any game bought in a store. Come and visit this medieval fantasy world from your favorite browser.

From castle siege battles on top of a mountain, players must move forward in a thrilling story, fulfill missions, rescue villagers and destroy wicked, while arming themselves with epic weaponry and learning powerful skills in their exciting adventure to save the kingdom from destruction.

This game is inspired by the play style of Diablo, where the character has a life bar and other bar for mana, and you can use the keyboard in combination with the mouse buttons to use different skills, that can be learned and improved during the game. There are two difficulty levels – normal and heroic, where heroic level offers better items for players that like challenge. Anyway if any of these adventures are too difficult, you have no friends to go with you or you are entertained by meeting new people, you can always use the game system to find for you a suitable group of teammates that could join your battle.

And if all of this is not enough to convince you to come and check this fantasy-world, Rumble Entertainment is regularly organizing series of events including contests, sweepstakes, tournaments and even a Livecast.

Invite your friends and form a group to save the kingdom.

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