World of Tanks

Developer: Wargaming

Category: Action

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Feel the adrenalin of driving a powerful tank of war and destroying everything that stands in your way. Strive in huge battles aboard these giants with wheels and fight for survival.

Set in the mid-20th century era, World of Tanks brings you the most explosive side of war, where you'll face countless enemies with armoured vehicles in battles full of extreme explosions and action. With more than 130 available tanks, in this online game you'll get the chance of experiencing the old map of Eastern Europe and fighting pitched battles in the North African desert, in the small cities of the former Germany or in the rocky mountains of Italy.

Among the enormous variety of available tanks you'll find historical vehicles that took part in the most famous battles from 1930 to 1950. In this game you'll find several tanks from the USS, German and Soviet armies, among others, reproduced in great detail. You'll have the feeling of being inside a Sherman M4A3E8, a Panther ll and many more of the best war tanks of history, built by the best engineers of the world.

Every time you win a battle you'll gain rewards as well as improvements for your tank. In World of Tanks you'll be able to hunt and destroy enemies in both the single player and multi-player mode. With the Clan wars feature you can create your own team and recruit players from all over the world with which you can fight in pitched battles of up to 30 tanks at the same time..

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