Navy Moves

Developer: FX Interactive

Category: Action

Tags: games, soldiers, action, slot machines, challenges, commanders, race, fight, flight, diving, infiltration, Navy Moves, mmo, mmotps, shooting, multiplayer, online, the, king, war


In the action game Navy Moves, you will enjoy breathtaking chases and gunfights in a story of three brave commanders that have to prevent a nuclear war.

Navy Moves is an action game where you control three soldiers whose mission is to prevent a possible nuclear holocaust. Your team is formed by Commander Mac, an experienced diver from Navy SEALs, Captain Dane, elite pilot from British Special Air Service and the Commander Sky, Special Agent from NATO forces.

The game consists of 12 "arcade mini-games", each with a different challenge. For example first and second challenges are two scenes: one in a boat, an action mission, and the other one in an SUV, a driving mission. To proceed further in the game and get the better rank you will have to fulfill these action missions and beat different achievements. In other mini-games you will find infiltration, flight, gun-fights , diving, etc.

You can also compete with other players once you reach the rank of "Commando". There are several types of competitions: the daily competition of all players; the Prizes: these are the best to start out with since there are rewards for everyone, not jus for the winner. They are created by the publisher, who can define all participating conditions. For example, some prizes could be aimed for beginners, rewarding the 50 best participants. Other prizes could be designed for advanced players, leading experts to confront each other for one large reward., created by the players themselves; and a kind of simultaneous duel where two players compete to achieve the greatest score.

If you like action games you will love Navy Moves, game that combines action games features, such as driving or flying, with other genre’s features. It also show a new point of view to a Sandbox games allowing missions development and gives players the opportunity to compete against other real players.

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