Monkey Quest

Developer: Viacom International, Inc.

Category: Action

Tags: browser games, action, fun, games for kids, Monkey Quest, the


After dangerous invaders have arrived to the island of Ook, a group of brave monkeys are ready to fight them away. Hang around the trees and use your powers to defeat your enemies.

Become a small monkey and save the island of Ook along with your furry friends. With a fun cartoon-looking style, Monkey Quest will take you to a magic trip along the island of Ook. Your objective will be to save this paradise place from the evil invaders that are trying to take control over the island. Make sure you collect as many delicious bananas -which are distributed all around the island- as you can, and receive great rewards.

Before you start this entertaining adventure on this browser game you'll have to design the brave monkey you'll face the dangers with, by selecting the colour of his fur, the type of skin and choosing from a great variety of funny faces and hair styles. Monkey Quest is being updated continuously, incorporating funny new costumes and accessories to allow you change the aspect of your monkey whenever you want. If you so prefer, you can even design your own costume; once you learn the way, you just have to collect the necessary items to give your monkey a new look.

Along your journey you'll find many other monkeys around the island that will offer you many different missions. But not everybody will be amicable; apart from the pleasant monkeys that live on the island, you'll find all kinds of disagreeable creatures under the evil Ka's command.

Meet monkeys from all over the world and interact with them through the Monkey Quest channel, create tribes and live together this incredible experience; or if you like, adopt your own pet, that will accompany you all along your journey through the island of Ook.

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