Drakensang Online

Developer: Bigpoint

Category: Action

Tags: browser games, RPG, kill games, online, world, dragons, Drakensang Online, the


The earth is in danger and in need of a hero that saves the world from the menace of Ander. Take control of this RPG adventure and try to change the course of destiny.

The famous Drakensang saga, well known to PC players, enters the world of browser games with this title. Become a hero and make your way through incredible and gloomy environments while facing great dangers in this magical 3D adventure. Drakensang is a free browser game where you'll enjoy amazing adventures while undertaking the numerous missions that this magical world holds for you.

Enjoy a great amount of available missions and fight against the most amazing creatures in the magical sets that make Drakensang such an epic adventure. Fight everyone that gets in your way and combat in epic battles against fierce dragons and all types of monsters that will try to stop you.

Choose between a magician or a warrior and increase your skills with the help of treasures and items that you'll find along your journey. Create powerful weapons from simple objects. Combat players from all over the world. Upgrade your character by learning new technical skills and gaining new weapons and armors to prove you are the best.

Humans are in danger and only you can save them from this menace. Fight all the evil creatures that menace the world.

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