Developer: Beijing Elex Technology Co., Ltd.

Category: Action

Tags: browser games, shooting games, comic, DDTank, the


Pull out your gun and be prepared for this incredible adventure full of colour. Discover countless available content like the multiple options of editing your character and weapons of all types.

DDTank is an incredible free online game where you'll be able to enjoy great adventures across diverse and colorful environments. Customize your character to your liking with the different available options. Choose the weapons with which your hero will face this challenge. Complete the missions and receive experience points that will help you upgrade your level. Collect the highest possible amount of gold and buy power-ups that you can use in the battlefield. Fight against other players or even team up with them and experience the most exciting battles.

In DDTank your character will have four skills: attack, defense, agility and luck. As battles go by your skills can grow or decrease, so beware! In each round you can equip your warrior with the weapons that you consider the best or with power-ups that will be of great help during a battle. Each object will have different effects, like turning invisible, increasing your power or recovering health.

You can also buy different articles as little ice cubes that will freeze your opponents or healing objects that will increase your health. Equip your character with the weapons that you'll find, decorate them to your liking and fight to increase their power. Fights in DDTank have a great sense of humor; along with standard weapons you'll find tomatoes, ninja stars or plungers to help you defeat your opponents.

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