Crazy MOBA Online

Developer: Funnel

Category: Action

Tags: Games, MOBA, MMO, frantic, Asia, time, Mana, battles, fights, clans, allies, Crazy MOBA Online, Funnel, the


Enjoy one of the craziest games of all times! In Crazy MOBA Online, you will find Arena battles so funny, that they’ve trespassed Asian frontiers.

In this game you will have 25 heroes to choose from. You will participate in breathtaking Arena fights. It’s the first game that excludes MANA system from battles, so the most important thing to win is time. Besides, there’s a system for Clan Wars and the game includes several customization and equipment options.

The most important thing in Crazy MOBA Online is to fight in frantic battles. Game modes and challenges are specially focused on this aim. You will have to defend your basement from enemies’ attacks, fight against dragons, be on guard and see what’s going wrong in your equipment when you’re defeated… Lots of options and variables to take care of make Crazy MOBA Online a game in which you won’t be able to blink.

Give an opportunity to this amazing game and duel against enemies from all over the world in one of the more promising MOBA’s.

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