Bloodline Champions

Developer: Stunlock Studios

Category: Action

Tags: downloadable games, action, fantasy, h, the


Confront different races of characters in the most intense pitched battles. Ten players, divided into 2 teams, will fight non-stop until there is only one left.

Bloodline Champions is an incredible action game in which you'll find a wonderful world where you'll have to fight in fierce battles. At the beginning of the game you'll have to choose a character from 22 available races which will decide the course of the adventure will take. Discover all the different combat modes and prove your skills by defeating all kinds of dangerous enemies. This browser game is based on many short but intense battles with 10 players divided into 2 teams, all with the same aim: surviving the most savage encounters.

You can also enjoy different game modes, like battles to capture an object, where you'll skills will be put to the test when facing terrible opponents. Apart from this, in Bloodline Champions there are uncountable missions to undertake, that will make you live a lifetime experience.

Choosing the character with which you'll face the danger will be crucial as each race has its own features that make them different from one another. Whether an alchemist with expertise in magical potions or a ruthless assassin, you will have a wide range of available options. On the game's forum you can exchange experiences with the great community of Bloodline Champions players or visit the game's online shop where you'll find the most powerful spells and equipment for your hero.

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